Trackman – Reviews

The Herald – ‘In her debut novel, Catriona Child has all the makings of a cult hit.’

Scotland on Sunday – ‘It’s a promising debut.’

Northwords Now – ‘Catriona Child has a pitch perfect ear for contemporary dialogue and a professional’s eye for the detail of a city that that tourists rarely notice.’

Scots Whay Hae – ‘Trackman is a book which understands the power of music, but is one which has an ability to bring comfort to those who need it that is all its own.’

The Skinny – **** ‘This tale of loss and isolation is a powerful piece of contemporary Scottish literature that expertly blends fantastical subject matter with a profound look at the destructive effects of bereavement.’

Subtle Melodrama Blog -‘Trackman is fun. It’s heavy, and there’s a lot going on, but it’s balanced with humour, love interests, and banter…Child has handled some tricksy tricks, and she pulls it off with an enjoyable read.’