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My debut novel was published by Luath Press in 2012. It is available as an e-book and from all good bookshops. It is also being re-released later this year with a fancy new cover.

Luath Press

Luath Press (new cover)




Trackman – The Lego Trailer

Trackman Locations – The Google Map

As it’s set in Edinburgh, I’ve made a google map showing the main locations and including quotes from the novel.

Trackman – The Blurb:

Trackman You are the Trackman You are the Trackman You are the

What would be on the soundtrack to your life? What songs would you put on a playlist that told your story? Songs to bring people, places and moments in time alive again. The song you fell in love to, the song that reminds you of your best friend, the song that takes you back to that holiday in Greece, the song you can’t hear without crying, the song that broke your heart.

Davie was about to leave the MP3 player lying on the pavement when something stopped him. A voice in his head.

You’ll regret it if you leave it. You’ll only come back for it later.

Davie Watts is the Trackman. He knows what song to play to you and he knows exactly when you need to hear it. Wandering the streets of Edinburgh,Davieseeks out strangers in need and helps them using the power of music.

Listen You Must Listen You Must Listen You Must Listen You Must

But why has Davie been chosen as Trackman, and why is he so intent on losing himself in this new identity? Davie is hiding from an event in his past. An event so awful that it continues to haunt him, despite his attempts to move on with his life. Will Davie ever find peace? And who will play Daviethe song he needs to hear to help him heal?

Trackman is a magical tale of love and loss, music and memories, hope and forgiveness.

Trackman Trackman Trackman Trackman Trackman Trackman

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