Swim Until You Can’t See Land

My new novel is called Swim Until You Can’t See Land, and is published by Luath Press. It’s available as an oh so pretty hardback version and as an e-book.

SwimSwim Until You Can’t See Land charts the relationship between two women born sixty years apart, whose chance encounter marks a watershed for the younger woman. In her early twenties, Hannah Wright is forced to give up a promising career as a professional swimmer, and is adjusting with difficulty to her narrowed horizons. She is in danger of becoming embittered, haunted by a lost future. Mariele may now be frail and old, but as her exploits during WW2 unfold, she is revealed as a woman of extraordinary spirit, unbroken by capture and interrogation as an agent in occupied France. Hannah’s delight in the medium of water and the rhythms of swimming are set in dramatic counterpoint to Mariele’s of torture by water, an ordeal that puts her in touch with her core strength – something       Hannah starts to discover in herself.

It’s available from all the usual places, including:

Luath Press


Amazon (hardback)

Amazon (Kindle)


Here’s an interview with me about the book in the Evening News.