Stonehenge – what’s it all about eh?

So the writing took a bit of a hiatus at the weekend as we were visiting my sister. She’s an athlete and is based down in Bath as that’s where she trains. I’m trying to get the next novel written at the moment, but it’s hard trying to fit it in between the office job and jaunts down South!

While we were down there we visited Stonehenge, which I didn’t realise was so close to Bath. It’s one of those places I’ve always wanted to visit and, as the very helpful audio guide reminded me, it’s the setting of a famous scene from Tess of the d’Urbervilles.

To hear more about this press 44, that’s 4 then 4.

I’m a big fan of Mr Hardy, so I’m hoping that the mystical stones will inspire me in my writing as they did him. If nothing else, I can tick off yet another site from my Beatles pilgrimage list (Salisbury Plain).

Take my photo! George Harrison stood quite near here once!

Anyway here’s me and wee sis at Stonehenge (just after this was taken a Spanish lady asked me to take her photo, then made me take it again as ‘there were too many other people in it!’)


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