Scots Whay Hae podcast – in which I spraff about music, Stephen King and rabbits…

I spent a very lovely morning last Saturday with Ali and Ian from Scots Whay Hae and am delighted to be featured in one of the Scots Whay Hae podcasts.

I’m a big fan of the Scots Whay Hae blog and was very chuffed to hear that Ali enjoyed Trackman so much. You can read his original review of it here.

Anyway, please tune in to the podcast and listen to me chatting to Ali about my novel Trackman, as well as music, Stephen King, my love of the Beatles and rabbits amongst other things.

You can listen to it at itunes or RSS – hope you enjoy!

Rachel Sermanni restores my faith in music

My husband and I sat in the bar of the Pleasance Theatre last night having a drink before the Rachel Sermanni gig. They were showing some pish-awful music on a big TV screen including Christina Aguilera’s latest offering. Christina wears not very much, writhes around singing completely forgettable chart trash and has one night stands with men (including in a toilet cubicle – classy!) before killing them. She adheres to this awful idea of attractiveness where all women must look identical and have no unique qualities whatsoever – artificially blonde mermaid -style hair, caked on make-up, false eyelashes, orange skin. I found the whole thing very depressing.

Enter Rachel Sermanni – fresh faced, hair tied back, wearing jeans and a baggy jumper. She picked up her guitar and pretty much stunned the entire audience into silence from her first song onwards. She is everything a singer should be – talented musician, beautifully unique voice, endearing stage presence, exceptional songwriter and lyricist, not a clone.

I hope young girls aspire to be the next Rachel Sermanni and not the next Christina Aguilera.

P.S Her support act was the excellent singer songwriter Lidh from Anstruther – is there anybody from Anstruther who is not musically talented?